The Issues Driving the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Attempting to understand the Israeli-Palestinian conflict may seem like a daunting task especially after the horrific terrorist attacks of October 7th, the Israel-Hamas war claims many innocent lives and inflames tensions throughout the region and the two sides seem further than ever from the negotiating table. This “issues” section seeks to offer a sober analysis of the primary components of the conflict, the challenges and opportunities to address the needs of both sides and how these components may be affected by the fast-changing developments in the region. As much as issues such as security and refugees continue to define the conflict along with the religious beliefs and contradictory narratives of the parties, the terrorist attacks of October 7th and the ensuing war in Gaza continue to alter the lives of Israelis and Palestinians in dramatic and catastrophic ways. While our Center works feverishly to fulfill its core mission to help improve conditions for Israelis and Palestinians alike and find common ground in a seemingly impossible situation, our hearts are broken. It is during such a treacherous time that people of good will – no matter what their perspective – must redouble efforts to think again about our assumptions and commit to building a more secure, peaceful and prosperous future for all.